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Custom properties

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Custom properties can be used to build segments based on additional data stored on a subscription or subscriber.

Manage your custom properties from Settings Properties.

Creating a property

From the Properties screen, click Create a property.

Create a new custom property

Enter a name and unique identifier for your new property. The unique identifier is used by developers when integrating the flow and can't be changed after the property is created. A default value for the unique identifier will be generated for you if you don't specify one.

Choose to assign your new property to either the Subscriber or Subscription object type.

The available data types for custom properties are:

  • Text
  • Number
  • True or false (boolean)
  • Date

Any data you store in a custom property will be validated based on the chosen data type.

Number formats

Number properties have an additional option for controlling the formatting when displaying the property value. Formatting only applies when the property value is displayed and does not affect how the value is used in segments.

Property number formatting
  • Unformatted — Displayed unformatted, e.g. "10000"
  • Formatted — Formatted with commas, e.g. "100,000"
  • Currency — Formatted as a currency value, e.g. "$100,000.00"

Formatting data for custom properties

Some of the data types for custom properties expect values to be in a certain format in order to be stored correctly.

  • True or false (boolean)

    When passing boolean values via JavaScript or JSON, use a JavaScript boolean value (true or false).

    If you're sending data to a custom property from an integration that doesn't support boolean values (like Stripe metadata), you can use the following text values:

    • true — "true", "t" or "1"
    • false — "false", "f" or "0"

    Note that a blank text value will be converted to false and any other non-blank text value will be converted to true.

  • Dates

    Date values should be in ISO 8601 format, for example "1983-06-16".

Using custom properties

Learn how to provide custom property values in the cancellation flow.