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Viewing sessions

A cancellation session represents the journey a customer took through your ProsperStack cancellation flow. Each time a cancellation flow is opened by a customer, a new cancellation session is created.

Click Sessions in the left navigation to view all cancellation sessions.


The sessions view displays a list of all cancellation sessions.

Sessions grid

Session statuses

Each row represents an individual cancellation session. The outcome of the session is represented by the color-coded status box on the left side of the session row.

Saved — The customer accepted an offer and their subscription was saved.

Canceled — The customer canceled their subscription.

Deflected — The customer was deflected from canceling their subscription by a deflection card or did not cancel after an incomplete session.

Incomplete — The customer did not complete the cancellation session. Incomplete sessions automatically become Deflected if the customer does not cancel within 24 hours.

Filtering sessions

Sessions can be filtered with the dropdowns at the top of the sessions grid.

Filter sessions

The following filters can be applied:

  • Flow — Filter by cancellation flow if multiple flows are available.
  • Type — Filter by paying subscriptions or free trials.
  • Status — Filter by session status (Saved, Deflected, Canceled or Incomplete).

Sessions can also be filtered by date using the dropdown at the top right of the sessions grid. Filter by a preset duration or enter a custom date range.

Filter sessions by date

Searching sessions

Search cancellation sessions using the search box at the top of the sessions grid. Search by customer name, email or by subscription platform ID (if a supported subscription platform is connected).

Search sessions