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Customizing a flow

A cancellation flow is a series of steps that walk your customer through the cancellation process, which may be your last chance to leave a good impression, gather vital product experience feedback, and even retain a customer with a special offer. Since each business is unique, the flow has a number of customization options and step types.

To start customizing the flow, click Flow in the left navigation.

Flow page

The main Flows page displays navigation to edit each step in the flow as well as a few high-level options.


  • Cancel Subscriptions - Automatically cancel subscriptions in the connected subscription platform (not available with a "Custom" integration).
  • Logo - Display your logo in the flow.

Multiple flows

If your account has the multiple flows feature enabled, you can access the options for configuring each flow by clicking the Settings button inside the flow editor.

Flow settings

Step types

Each step in the cancellation flow serves a unique purpose. Pick from the available step types when designing the right flow for your business.

Flow question step

Click a step from the Flow page to customize the step in the flow editor.


Acknowledgements are statements the customer must accept before completing cancellation and are represented by checkboxes.

Acknowledgements step

Use acknowledgements to clarify what will happen when the cancellation is complete, such as billing details, the effective date of cancellation or loss of data that will result.


Knowing why your customers leave can provide vital insight into your business. By default, two questions make up the exit survey: the multiple-choice "primary reason for leaving" question and an open-ended text box. To get you started, the "reason for leaving" question is pre-populated with the most common options seen across cancellation flows.

Add more questions based on your service's unique needs. Questions can be displayed conditionally based on customer segments or previous answers, e.g. if the customer is leaving for a competitor, you can ask which competitor.

Question responses can also be used in offer rules to determine which offers are presented to your customers. For example, a customer who complains about price might be offered a coupon, whereas a customer that had issues with support might be offered an upgrade to a better tier of support.


Sometimes a customer may be leaving because they didn't understand how to use the product, had a bad support experience or just didn't realize your product's full potential. Deflection cards are a way to display custom content so you can reinforce your product's value and offer an alternative to cancellation.

The content of a deflection card can be completely customized and an action button can be configured to redirect the customer to a URL. Configure the action button to redirect cancellations to a help article, a live chat widget, a custom page in your application or anything else you think up.


Offer steps allow you to make a last attempt to prevent your customer from canceling, e.g. via a coupon, trial extension or another intervention. Using segments, question responses and offer types, you can create complex rules for when to present offers and to whom. Presenting offers during cancellation covers this in detail.


All text in the flow can be customized to match your product's voice. Click the pencil icon next to any piece of text in the flow editor to begin customzing the text.

Edit text

Using subscriber and custom property tags

Property tag example

Property tags can be inserted in text fields to refer to a subscriber's first name, last name, email address or values from any custom properties. Click the tag icon at the top of the text editor to insert a property tag.

Inserting a property tag

When inserting a tag, you can also enter a fallback text value to use if the subscriber or custom property is not set.

Editing tag details

Formatting date custom properties

When inserting a date custom property tag, select a formatting option to control how the date is displayed.

Inserting a date tag


In addition to uploading your logo, the design of the flow can be completely customized with custom CSS.

Updating your flow

When you make changes to your cancellation flow, a draft version of the flow will be created. You can make as many changes as you need without affecting your production cancellation flow. Once you're ready for your modified cancellation flow to go live, publish your changes for them to take effect.