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Reporting overview

Insights reports provide a deeper look into trends and performance across ProsperStack, including retention, offers, deflections and customer feedback.

Insights page



By date range

All Insights reports can be filtered to data within a specific date range.

Filter by date range

For bar and line charts, you may choose between daily, weekly and monthly aggregation.

By flows and segments

Flow and segment filters allow you to filter reports to data related to specific flows and/or segments.

Filter by segments and flows

Note that these filters only appear if you have multiple flows and/or segments.

A summary of report data is provided above trend charts.

Summaries and trends

Trend indicators show changes in retention performance compared to the previous period.

Chart annotations

Whenever changes are published to a flow you can optionally include a note that will appear on reports. This makes it easier to keep track of changes and compare results before and after.

Chart annotations

Viewing bar or line charts

Toggle between bar and line charts by clicking the icon near the top right corner of the chart.

Toggle between bar and line charts

Hide data series

Toggle data series visibility by clicking the description in the legend beneath the chart.

Toggle series visibility