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Creating a conversion campaign

Conversion campaigns control the rules and criteria for displaying offers to your customers. Use customer segments for precise control of targeting to optimize conversion rates.

To create a campaign, click Campaigns in the left navigation in the Convert section and then click Create a campaign.

Basic campaign details

Basic campaign details

Each campaign needs a unique name. Campaigns can be designated as the default, meaning a subscriber will fall into that campaign if no other campaign is specified when initializing Convert in your application or website.

Offer rules for a campaign

Basic campaign details

Campaigns include specific rules that determine which conversion offer is shown to the user when the campaign is triggered. Learn more about offer rules.

Other options

Basic campaign details

Display options

  • Delay — Display offers to users immediately on page load or after a configurable delay.


  • Collect payment details — If the subscriber has no default payment method, ProsperStack can collect payment details automatically when an offer is accepted.
  • Redirect URL — Optionally route customers to a URL after they accept an offer.