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ProsperStack API

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ProsperStack provides a REST-based API for access to your data to build custom integrations.

Reference documentation

Refer to the API reference documentation for complete documentation on using the API.

Creating an API key

Navigate to the API keys configuration page by clicking Settings in the left navigation, then API keys. Click Create an API key to create a new API key.

Creating an API key

Enter a name for the API key and click Submit. Your new API key will be shown.

New API key

When creating a live mode key, make sure to save the key somewhere safe since it will not be displayed again! Live mode API keys begin with the prefix key_.

Test mode API keys

Creating an API key in test mode will create a special test mode API key that is scoped to your test account. A test mode key begins with the prefix key_test_.

Test mode keys can be viewed at any time after creation for convenience when developing your integration.