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Chargebee metadata integration

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If you store customer or subscription data in Chargebee metadata that you want to use in ProsperStack, you can link metadata fields to custom properties in ProsperStack to keep the data in sync. Use custom properties in segments to enable targeted offers, conditional cancellation flow steps and segmented reporting. Learn more about custom properties.

Mapping metadata to custom properties

Navigate to the Chargebee integration page by clicking Settings in the left navigation, then Integrations. Click Configure in the Chargebee section.

Chargebee metadata mappings

Configure new metadata mappings in the Property mappings section. Choose from either "Customer" or "Subscription" metadata, enter a Chargebee metadata field property in the text box, and choose a ProsperStack custom property (or create a new one) to link the metadata field to.

When creating a custom property in ProsperStack, make sure to choose an appropriate data type (text, number, etc.). Since Chargebee metadata values can be of any type, ProsperStack will attempt to convert the data to the type of custom property that the field is mapped to.

When you've configured your property mappings, click Save changes. ProsperStack will begin syncing your Chargebee metadata with your subscriber and subscription custom fields.