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Flow A/B testing

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Flow A/B testing allows you to pit cancellation flows against each other to measure their effectiveness and optimize your retention rates.

A/B test dashboard

ProsperStack will track and compare the retention rates of the cancellation flows in an A/B test automatically so you can determine which flow will help increase retention the most.

Creating an A/B test

To create a flow A/B test, navigate to the Flows screen and click the A/B tests button at the top of the page. Click Create an A/B test to create a new test. You'll need to have at least two cancellation flows available in order to create an A/B test.

Creating an A/B test

Select an offer to act as your control and up to two variants to test.

Variant weights

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A/B test variant weights

Weights control how likely a customer is to see a variant in an A/B test. For example, you can use weights to roll out a flow variant to a small percentage of customers to validate effectiveness before committing to a full launch.

Routing cancellations to an A/B test

Routing to an A/B test

To activate an A/B test, select the test in the flow routes editor. When the rule containing an A/B test is matched, the subscriber will be routed to a random cancellation flow from the A/B test. ProsperStack will track the results and update your A/B test metrics in real-time.

Ending an A/B test

Ending an A/B test

When your A/B test has collected enough data to determine a winning cancellation flow, you can end the test by clicking the End test button. If a statistically significant winner can be determined automatically, it will be pre-selected. Confirm the winning flow to end to test.

Once a test is complete, the winning flow will be selected for any sessions that are routed to the A/B test.